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Pepper Pics

But why tho As a very amateur photographer starting to play around with various styles, one that I'd always admired and wanted to figure out was that of the timelapse. »

What have I done?

So I wrote some janky bash script to take a picture with a USB webcam every 2 minutes when I ran into a SEGV error. »

Nginx Configuration w/ SSL Certs

Or "How I messed up hosting two ssl certs on one server" So this story comes out of my making a few mistakes when setting up my personal »

Labor Day II: Work Reloaded

Hey non-existent readers, it's been a while. In fact, it was a year ago that I made my last post, so I figure it's time for an update. I wanted »

Onboarding as a Junior Dev / Intern (a few tips)

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! Of course, this being the start of the second week of my internship, I can't stop thinking about labor and the beginning of my career »