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Labor Day II: Work Reloaded

Hey non-existent readers, it's been a while. In fact, it was a year ago that I made my last post, so I figure it's time for an update. I wanted »

Onboarding as a Junior Dev / Intern (a few tips)

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! Of course, this being the start of the second week of my internship, I can't stop thinking about labor and the beginning of my career »

The Great Hunt Ends

Hey everyone! I'm finally back from my week in Vermont, where I've spent an entire week doing...well...absolutely nothing. It was wonderful. I'll go into why it's important to »

The Great Hunt Begins

I'm guilty of not having posted in quite a while -- super sorry about that -- because I've been kinda busy with the 5th quarter of the Web Development Immersive »

Turning Down for Angular

Here's my little prelude to the awesome-tude. I had a really great week so I'm working hard to channel positivity and happiness. We're entering the phinal faze here at General »