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The Great Hunt Ends

Hey everyone! I'm finally back from my week in Vermont, where I've spent an entire week doing...well...absolutely nothing. It was wonderful. I'll go into why it's important to »

The Great Hunt Begins

I'm guilty of not having posted in quite a while -- super sorry about that -- because I've been kinda busy with the 5th quarter of the Web Development Immersive »

Turning Down for Angular

Here's my little prelude to the awesome-tude. I had a really great week so I'm working hard to channel positivity and happiness. We're entering the phinal faze here at General »

Never Compromise Who You Are

Prelude What do you mean, Andrew? *full disclosure, I wrote most of this post somewhat inebriated and angry at the "system". I've since redacted some of the more »

Setting the Moo'd

Two Weeks, Too Weak Summary So I know I missed last week's and I'm late on this week's. This is a good thing. If I had free time to write »