Debugging a python install on Windows Subystem Linux (WSL)

So I started out cloning some repo, realizing I needed python, using the windows version, then realizing I should install linux the "normal" way.I ran into a few issues »

Asking Why

Note: this is more of a journal-y post than a software one.I'm working on trying to develop a system of mindfulness in coding. It's kind of a weird area »


I decided recently that it'd be valuable to keep a running list of things that I've learned in the web dev world (or software engineering more broadly). »

`_.get` Typings by Example

The other day, my team had an issue with an API endpoint where we were expecting a certain payload type, and we weren't receiving an object that differed from the »

Understanding the Array Constructor in ECMAScript

What are the different ways you can create arrays in javascript, and how are they different? »