Pepper Refactoring

In my last pepper-related post, I talked about my methods for getting up and running with my timelapse on my raspberry pi at work. Old Methods On Raspberry Pi: Cron »

How I Quit My Job and Put My Belongings in the Ngrx Store-Devtools

So if you're into Angular, and you're into redux, and you're into debugging & testability, @ngrx/store-devtools might just be for you! I ran into a really frustrating issue that »

Pepper Pics

But why tho As a very amateur photographer starting to play around with various styles, one that I'd always admired and wanted to figure out was that of the timelapse. »

What have I done?

So I wrote some janky bash script to take a picture with a USB webcam every 2 minutes when I ran into a SEGV error. »

Nginx Configuration w/ SSL Certs

Or "How I messed up hosting two ssl certs on one server" So this story comes out of my making a few mistakes when setting up my personal »