What the fuck is my Firefox doing?

If anyone can solve this: 🍻🍻


  • OS: Windows 10 ==> WSL (ubuntu@18.04)
  • Editor: VS Code
  • Browser: Firefox


  • Front-End:
  •  React (TypeScript),
  •  Development Server:  Parcel on port 1234.
  • Back End:
  •  Node (TypeScript) compiled with --watch flag
  •  Development Server: nodemon on port 8080

So I'm running my node server on 8080, typical, and I load up my application. Some CORS issue that I could've sworn I'd already dealt with came up, so I changed my config to debug what was going on, server restarts, and I continue to see the issue. I eventually see no changes whatsoever, so I decide to kill the server and reload the front-end to make sure it fails.

It doesn't. Now we're in confusion mode. There were no errors connecting to that port, but I wasn't running anything with nodemon (checked my background processes, too).

So I have a zombie server?

Workaround: use 8081, fixes the issues I was debugging, but the mystery fucking continues. To find the zombie, I netstat using my windows command prompt (skipped wsl because that shit wasn't working)

TCP    [::1]:65170            [::1]:8080             ESTABLISHED     16940OK, 

OK, so I got the PID.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>tasklist /FI "PID eq 16940"

Image Name  PID   Session Name  Session#  Mem Usage
==========  ===   ============  ========  ============
firefox.exe 16940 Console       1         1,048,976 K

So from my understanding here, firefox's console is somehow running a cached version of my node server, responding to requests on port 8080? If anyone else has some ideas, I'll update the post.

Until next time,