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What the fuck is my Firefox doing?

If anyone can solve this: 🍻🍻SetupOS: Windows 10 ==> WSL (ubuntu@18.04)Editor: VS CodeBrowser: FirefoxProjectFront-End: React (TypeScript), Development Server:  Parcel on port 1234.Back End: Node (TypeScript) compiled »

Plotting the Course vs. Bushwhacking

​ I know that I should think things through before I start working on a problem, but that doesn't seem to stop me from doing it right now. I understand perfectly »

Debugging Database Version Control Tools Cross-platform

Fixing my LiquibaseOn my personal projects, I usually end up try to write in a way that can be run on multiple platforms for development purposes.  Deployment is almost always »

Debugging a python install on Windows Subystem Linux (WSL)

So I started out cloning some repo, realizing I needed python, using the windows version, then realizing I should install linux the "normal" way.I ran into a few issues »

Asking Why

Note: this is more of a journal-y post than a software one.I'm working on trying to develop a system of mindfulness in coding. It's kind of a weird area »